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A one-stop-shop for all things charm related

At Bijoux & Bling - Unique charms are gathered and strung together to necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Queen Victoria is supposed to have worn a charm bracelet and started this never dying trend which we proudly mission as bringing it to you to make your own Treasure Chest of Charms Jewelry!

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A diverse selection brimming with whimsy and charm


Novelty Charms

Charm Jewelry is weighted with powerful symbolism.

Bijoux & Bling creations are covered with different Charms – a brand signature – including Sun, Moon, Natural Pearls, Stones as well as Hearts and Evil Eyes.\ Jangling Bracelets, Anklets, Earrings & Necklaces loved by all Generations.

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Our pieces don’t follow any rules!!

Bijoux & Bling creations are UNIQULY BIG, BOLD, BLINGY & EXTRAVAGENT.

Not into the oversized beaded look? Try an elevated — and equally maximalist Premade Pieces.

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